The workplace simplified is a user-friendly professional marketplace created by experts in flex spaces.

Finding and booking a workspace at is no more difficult than ordering a taxi. Developed network partners, a simple and flexible mechanism for selecting premises and jobs, instant data updates in system allows you to quickly select a free office and start working when it is convenient for you.

Our task is to provide high-quality qualified service for the selection and booking of workplaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms in co-working spaces and hotels. We act as a personal consultant and support the client at all stages of the selection and rental of jobs.

Our team are commercial real estate professionals who understand the need for start-ups and private clients for jobs here and now. You can now rent a flexible office for teamwork, a workplace for a few hours or a meeting room with the help of a reliable partner who is interested in respecting your interests.

Beniamin Haninaev, founder of the flexible space marketplace

“Faced with the need for a short-term office lease, small companies, private entrepreneurs and start-ups often have to figure out the market on their own, evaluate spaces personally, by trial and error, and form criteria for a quality workplace for themselves. We at have already done it for you: we independently tested the spaces and chose the most convenient options for business. Based on the requirements of the business, we negotiate with the landlord and provide a service for the selection and conclusion of an agreement for short-term lease of offices. Therefore, we provide a flexible, convenient and fast service to our customers. And for partner spaces, we provide additional loading of sites, which allows you to use the space as efficiently as possible”

For Startups and Freelancers

  • Fast rent: our consultants contact you within 5 minutes after the application for the selection of an office. You can choose a room and discuss the details in a convenient messenger.
  • IT integration: the service is integrated with the largest hotel reservation systems and promptly updates data on work space occupancy. If you book a meeting room or workplace, then they are really assigned to you.
  • You do not need to install the application and fill out a profile in your personal account: if you need a one-time rental, it is easy to leave a request on the site without additional registration forms.

For Business

  • We help close the need for renting workplaces for employees working remotely: those who find it inconvenient to work from home can choose a convenient space through our service and work in optimal conditions.
  • We solve the problem of selecting workplaces or meeting rooms of any duration: it is easy to schedule a meeting or find a place for teamwork.
  • We act as a consultant for the selection of a flexible office for a long period: we help you choose the option with the best location, work schedule, throughput system, equipment and a set of services.

For flexible office operators

  • We form, approve and place the page of your site: an additional channel for promoting the space among the target audience.
  • We maintain up-to-date information about your site and select clients for rent.
  • We open access to your personal account and the ability to see transparent reporting on work with counterparties.

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* After you add your space, it undergoes moderation and we send you an agency agreement, after signing it, the site will be added to our marketplace